Augusta Half Ironman – Training Day 1

I am actually NOT going to count down everyday until the race on September 29th – that would be a bit much. Plus, I have learned some lessons over the year… I am not putting all my hopes and dreams into one race! Yes, this is a huge goal for me and I am excited about it, but I think I finally have more balance. I have other races on the calendar and yoga… ahhh, yoga. Hopefully this will help keep me centered and flexible!

Today was my first training day back with Coach Katie. Ask and ye shall receive! I asked her to show no mercy and I got a great schedule. Next week is going to be so much fun – I have the week off from work so I asked for a “training camp week”. Lots of double duty days and lots of cycling… 6 days straight! I can’t wait.

Here is what today looked like:
6:30 – push-ups (I am really going to try to stick with that push-up challenge!)
7:00 – 3 eggs over spinach – vitamins
11:30 – 2 mile run/walk and 30 min strength training
1:00 – big salad with tuna, whole avocado and lots of veggies
5:45 – nuts and coconut flakes
6:30 – yoga
7:45 – almond butter and coconut flakes while getting my cycling stuff on
8:00 – one hour trainer workout (OMG HARD!)
9:15 – Boars head turkey and a few roasted sweet potatoes
Before bed: a hot cup of “Natural Calm” magnesium supplement.

It seems everyone is sick at work so I am really dosing up on the vitamins and fluids. No time to get sick!

I made some great food choices today and feel good. Probably not enough calories, but it got really busy there at the end and between yoga and the trainer workout I did not need a heavy stomach.

The biggest problem about today is the late workout. Right now it is 10:30 and I am not tired – that is NOT good. I am usually in bed sleeping by 10:00.

So, tomorrow is a lot lighter schedule – hopefully I can run after today!


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