Celebration Friday

Happy Friday! What a great week… things came together and I feel revived physically and mentally. I have had a bit of a fog over me for a while and I am not sure why although I am going to guess…. lack of consistent, intense exercise. FOr the past few months I have been doing my thing; running and biking on the weekends, getting a few workouts in throughout the week at work, yoga. It was nice to not to have to follow a schedule and a break that I do not regret.Sometimes I think it is good to “check-out” from all the madness and just go with the flow.

OVer the past few months I feel like I have become a calmer person and more relaxed. I have decided to stop the madness of constantly having to be busy and frantic. I do not want to live that way. For this new round of training I am going to strive to do my workouts well and follow the plan, but without all the mania that I created last year. It is all about balance.

The key is going to be yoga. Not for only stretching, but for sanity. Yes, it will help my body be more flexible, but the focus it brings is the key. It started out just being a class on Monday nights with friends. Now I find that I am recalling the lessons of the night throughout the week. I have been trying to get on my mat every morning and set my intentions of the day.

Successes of the week:
Did all my workouts except one strength training workout
Consistently made good food choices
Spent time with friends – at my running club party and during my lunch time workouts
Had a very important business presentation go extremely well
Was productive at work in general and stayed focused on the things I needed to get done

Here’s to a great weekend!


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