Training Camp: Day 4

Today was a total training day – I did nothing but eat, rest and train! I think I could get used to this lifestyle… too bad I am not fast enough at any of my sports to actually make money!

My day today:
5:30: coffee
6:30: kettlebell workout and mobility
7:00 3 egg omelete with spinach and goat cheese
8:45: 1 T coconut butter (plus MAP, a new supplement.. will blog eventually)
9:45: Tempo run 5.5 miles (avg 11 min pace)
11:00: spiced nuts, leftover roast chicken and a few potatoes/carrots, Emergen C to drink
1:00: 20 mile bike ride – had two Lindt truffles half way through (better than gels!)
2:45: hot shower, hot chocolate w/milk (Freezing!), piece GF cornbread w/butter
6:15: roast venison, peas, sweet potato (carb loading for tomorrow)
2 glasses wine
Lots of stretching and foam rolling throughout the day
LOTS of water all day.

I probably should have skipped the wine, but I have not slept well in the past two nights. I have been having terrible dreams and have been very restless. Not sure what it is – I thought it might be the new supplement I am taking, but John thinks it was because I was worried about my first solo ride. Maybe. Tonight I will see if the wine works!

My ride today went ok. I prefer to be with my friends, but honestly at some point I am going to have to ride by myself. Since John was working nearby I felt better knowing he was just a phone call away. There was a lot of traffic on the roads, but for the most part everyone got over enough. Some, barely enough, but I guess it is hard for some people.

For my fuel on my bike I didn’t have gels so I used a Cynthia trick and brought some chocolates. These Lindt truffles fit nicely into my little bag and tasted yummy half way through.

After each of my workouts I made a point to eat some protein and carbs to make sure I recovered ok. After my run I also wore my compression socks while I rested on the “recovery chair”:

Right now I am pooped but loving my training week! Fun to work hard!


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