Celebration Friday?

Not so much. I was looking forward to posting a recap of my awesome training week but everything is darkened by the tragedy in Connecticut. No, there is nothing I can do about it but I am deeply saddened. I was going about my day today enjoying my day off, riding my bike with my dear friend Cynthia and thinking about pizza. I come home and log on and see the posts. I check the news. Oh my dear God… kindergarteners.

The parents who have already bought their Christmas presents. The teachers who were trying to protect them – they were scared, too. The policemen and first responders that have to see the bloodshed.The children.

One of the first thoughts I had was that I hoped that no parents sent their children to school without telling them they love them and without kissing them. I hope nobody fought on the way to school and left mad. It happens, I know.

There is nothing I can do but be sad. There is evil in this world that I do not think anyone can control. We just have to love as much as we can everyday and not forget it.



  1. Susette Schellin

    Good blog…

  2. Danielle

    It is an absolute tragedy. I can not imagine the pain those parents are going through.

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