Last run of the year!

I love working out on the last day and first day of the year. I think it helps the old year-end on a positive note and sets the right intentions for the new year. It has been working for me for the past couple of years so I will keep it up!

This year I had an 11 mile run on schedule. There are only three weeks until the Charleston Half Marathon and my training has been less than stellar. My plan was to run the half on Saturday and the 60 mile bike ride the next day. I had face reality this week and admit that I have not been getting my cycling miles in. I could probably suffer through the next few weeks and finish the ride, but I am just not feeling good about it at all. I am still going to run the half, but ditch the ride. I feel a huge load off my shoulders and am happy with my decision.

Today’s run was good. It started off with one of the best sites I could hope to see as I parked the car:


How about another view:


Solitude. I am always happy when I have the park to myself on a beautiful day. Usually this only happens when it is gloomy. Although, I do find it a bit sad that on the last day of the year, with the sun shining and a nice 52 degree temp, that NOBODY else was at the park. Seems odd to me. That all changed about an hour into my run when families started pulling up in various SUV’s with their children and their new bikes. I had to dodge a couple of kids while they tested out their training wheels. I had to stop once and help one little guy after he fell and no adult came to help. Poor little guy. He was ok. I told him I fall off my bike, too. He looked at me weird and I ran off.

THe old people started to come out, too. I ran by one old man a couple of times and he kept trying to talk to me. I was jamming out with my music so I smiled and nodded and kept running. After the third time I felt that he really wanted to talked to I stopped to walk with him a bit. We had a nice conversation about the enjoyment of being outside on a beautiful day. I told him I had to get running again and he said ok, ” by the way you have really nice, muscular legs”. haha… made my day. Yes, he was rather old, and maybe could not see the cellulite, but it was nice anyways!

BY the end of my run the sun had disappeared and the temperature dropped a bit. Luckily, John was cold, too….


Happy New Year!


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