Big week!

What an awesome week! I have done so many things it feels like it has been two weeks!

Saturday – awesome, cold bike ride with my two favorite riding partners Cynthia and Suzette. It was absolutely freezing and only rode an hour. I was supposed to do 3 hours, but that did not happen. Right then and there I made the decision to not to the 60 mile ride on the 20th after the half. I am just not getting on the bike like I should be and I do not want to stress about this. I just signed up for it for the fun of it and it was quickly becoming NOT FUN.

Sunday – trip to see my daughter! She got skybox seats to the Lady Vols basketball game so we drove up there, spent a few hours with her and drove home. This trip almost didn’t happen for me. I was really conflicted because I had an 11 mile run scheduled and since I didn’t do my ride I felt I really needed to do my run. Then I had a wake-up call… just a few days ago didn’t I write about the “best version of me” and how this best version has balance? I can’t believe I was going to miss seeing my daughter, even for a few hours, because of a training run… a training run for a half that is for fun… not even a big goal? So happy I am getting the hang of this!

I would have missed this Mollie, too! Poor, pitiful girl. She was so confused that I was there to walk with her and then left so quickly.


Monday – Still off from work and guess what… I ran and got that 11 miles in. Funny how things work out

Tuesday – New Years Day! Started the day off with some of my very favorite people and we jumped into a cold lake – our first Polar Bear Plunge! What a way to start off the year! Since I was with Coach Katie it wasn’t merely a plunge in the lake. It was a training lesson… we lined up with toes at water’s edge and assumed a race stance… ready for the gun to go off (well, someone to shout GO!). The even had a strategy. Run and DIVE! “Just like a triathlon start” she said happily. “This is your first open water swim start lesson!” she said with more smiles. Coach Katie has a way of making the most painful events sound fun.

We executed the plan. It was COLD and I have a slight bit of anxiety when I dive in and came up and realized that the 100 people who were behind us were still coming in and I had to get out! The world was moving in slow motion as my saturated moo-moo was clinging to my legs making it even harder to get out of the water. Finally I did and immediately looked around to make sure my friends were out. Everyone was accounted for except Katie, who apparently decided to swim a bit. She stayed in a bit too long! She eventually got out fine… apparently her race instincts kicked in and she kept swimming! haha – I do not have those instincts yet!

plunge buddies

Wednesday – BIRTHDAY – and back to work. My birthday was good, but uneventful since I partied all weekend. My birthday actually was DAY 1 of my next round of Whole 30. Some of my friends and I decided to kick off the year with a Whole30 to get the excess of the holidays out of our system. It is tough. I still want cocktails!

Thursday – SWIM! First day back in the pool. Katie’s comment in my training plan today was “now the real training starts!” It was good… I didn’t have to start over, thankfully! I still have a lot to work on, but at least I won’t spend the first found weeks learning how to put my head in the water and breathe.

At lunch I had a weight workout and then after workout I headed to Katie’s for a trainer workout with friends. John came and we had a great time working hard!

katie garage workout

Friday – RUN. I had my first big track workout. On today’s schedule she had “get back on the track and back ON TRACK”. Luckily I didn’t have to be at work until 10:00 so I was able to sleep in, eat and get to the track and focus. I executed the plan perfectly – 6 x 400’s, each with faster times… well, except the last one.. I just could not get it faster than lap 5, it was a second slower. All in all, a great way to start off this next phase of training.

The only problem I had was that I was not organized and did not eat until about 2 hours after my track workout. I was miserable. My stomach was cramping and I felt light-headed. I ate ok the rest of the day, but I didn’t want to stop eating and ate way too much and still felt bad all day. Need to get organized!

Today I have a group run with the running club and a trainer ride then tomorrow my last big long run until the half…. 14 miles. Between these workouts I need to eat, rest and hydrate and get organized. I need to get food prepped and ready for this coming training week. I have three early morning sessions and long days. I will not let myself go hungry again!


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