The Shake that Saved the Day!

What a day! Right now it is 7:00PM and I could have easily gone to bed two hours ago. I am so tired! BUT, it’s Sunday and that does not mean a rest day for me… Sunday’s are usually the busiest of all days.

I started off with a great run this morning. Luckily I had friends the first few miles. Scarlette, Kathryn and I all did a 5 mile loop. Just in time for my mile repeats Rhonda showed up! I had company for at least 8 miles. Glorious!

My workout today was:
4 mile “warm-up” (I love saying it every time!)
4 x 1 mile repeats with 1 mile recovery after each. The repeats had to be “significantly” faster than my normal pace. Hmmm… I am not sure I can be that faster, but I tried.
The rest in cool down to equal 14 miles

My mile repeats were at a 10:00 pace for the first two and a 10:30 pace for the last two. My goal was to run them steady (as opposed to doing a run/walk). I have a brief moment of regret (not sure if that is the right word) when I realized that in 2009 for my first half marathon I ran the entire half marathon at a 10:30 pace. STOP THOSE THOUGHTS.

It is not important what I could do 4 years ago. What is important is what I am doing NOW. Things have happened, times have changed. I am what I am. I am not going to let negative thoughts come in my head when I am feeling so good. NOW is the only time that matters.

I really tried to keep my nutrition top-notch today and I think I did.

6:00 – wake and have coffee
6:30 – breakfast – leftover chicken breast and an orange
7:30 – 5 MAP supplements
8:30 (or so) – run 14 miles (took 2:45 hours) really faded those last three miles! Took 5 Accel Gels. No, not Whole 30 compliant, but I am not prepared to run without them yet. Needed 6, but my stomach could not handle so I did without.
12:00 – 3 eggs over swiss chard and cooked carrots (OH SO DELICIOUS)
LOTS of stretching after I ate. Lots of water.
3:00 grocery store. OH NO! All of a sudden STARVING again. I manage to make it through the store without buying potato chips. I wanted them BADLY.

4:00 – get home… so much left to do and so tired. I am so tempted at this point to crack open a bottle of wedding wine and throw down on some stale, non-GMO corn chips. I am so tired and hungry I do not care about anything. I just need food. I have a brief moment of clarity and remember the can of coconut milk I put in the fridge. Magic Bullet to the rescue… one can (yes the WHOLE CAN) of coconut milk, just less than a cup or so of frozen cherries, 2 teaspoons of cocoa powder.. blend until creamy. OH MY. SO GOOD.


About half way through I felt like I could go on.

I continued with chores and cooking.

More roast chicken in the oven. I can’t help it. I needed more chicken. Roast chicken, carrots and collards (switching the greens up tonight!). The chicken had a while to cook and about 5:30 I started to get really hungry again. I was in the process of making the Bora Bora Meatballs from Well Fed. The leftover pineapple juice kept staring at me. I didn’t want to waste it so I poured it over some ice and gulped it down. Sweet deliciousness. It was the sugar my body had been craving. Once again I could go on.

6:30 – finally dinner. two chicken legs (skin and all) a pile of carrots and collards. Baby collards no less… gotta love Earthfare. Boy, where they tender and delicious.

Now it is 7:30 and I am VERY tired. I finally took a shower and still need to clean up the kitchen. After my final chores are done I am going to make myself a big ol’cup of Natural Calm Magnesium drink.

Good Night!


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  1. Your shake sounds yummy! Would love to have your meatball recipe!!

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