Back at it!

After being sick with a stupid virus for nearly two weeks I am finally feeling well enough to get a decent workout in. John said it was time for me to get off the couch… so I did and followed him up a mountain on our bikes. I am so happy that he is cycling now! It will be good to be able to train with him and ride the hard roads around here. He will get me out there… no excuses.

The ride was 5 miles up to Hogback Mountain. There were some really tough parts about 3/4 of the way up. I had to stop once to catch my breath and focus. I could not NOT make it up. There was not going to be any walking. It was hard getting started again since I was going uphill. But, my legs are strong and they got me going.

I was so happy when I made it to the top. I have to admit I did struggle with mental issues this morning when John told me the plan. I have not been on the bike in a long time and I have been sick for two weeks. The excuses where swirling around in my head and I was convinced I just needed to stay home and ride the trainer. He wouldn’t let me and gave me the normal speech about how I beat myself up before I even get started. Will the madness ever end? Hopefully soon. This ride was a big confidence booster today. It was the toughest climb that I have ever done. Much harder than Saluda Grade.

The view at the top was awesome!


The road ends at a gated community.


The unfortunate part was that now I had to go back down. I HATE going downhill. Yes another issue I need to get over, but I feel so out of control. It seemed so much steeper on the descent. My hands and forearms where nearly crippled from braking by the time I got down!

It was fun… can’t wait for our next ride.


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