It Takes a Village

Honestly, I have no idea what I would do if I actually competed for a LIVING. What if my livelihood depended on my race results? Every time I finish a race I feel like I have to give thanks to all that supported me. Like I am some sort of Academy Award winner or Olympic Medalist! Seriously, if I need this much help to finish a sprint triathlon what the heck do these people require!?

My parents were here with me this weekend and were awesome. Aside from carrying my stuff around they are a constant source of encouragement.


John was not at the race today, but the man puts up with so much. He sees all the doubt I lavish on myself and still has the energy to tell me that I can do it.

Katie. My coach. How do people even do these things without a coach? She tells me what to do and I try to do it. Sometimes I succeed and sometimes I don’t. I can’t imagine the energy it takes to get all of her athletes across the finish line each race. Certainly I can’t be the only one with “issues”, can I ?

Michelle. My yoga teacher and friend. Helping me find that voice and learn how to set my intentions. Who knew this stuff actually worked? On Saturday morning I took a few minutes to “go within” and set my intentions for the race. They were “swim calm, pedal hard, run fast”. Swim calm… not so much… the the rest worked!

My friends. Gosh, so many! I will not name anyone for fear of leaving them out, but I cannot believe the people that care about me! They have been there while I was training, while I had meltdowns… during training swims, bikes and runs. I am so lucky.

My sweet daughter. I am not sure she knows all of my crazy race schedules, and I don’t expect her to.. .she is the reason I can do all I can do. My biggest victory.


Race report for those who wish to know the gritty details….

When I signed up for this race in January it seemed so far away, as do all races. When you sign up for triathlons you have to state which category you are going to race in and how fast your swim will be. Categories are: Open (FAST people), age group, Athena, Novice. Athena is for women 150+ pounds. Although I am probably a Novice, I signed up for Athena. I am not shy. I weigh over 150… there, I said it!

Athena class gets points. I want to get points. Novices do not.

Swim time. There are four waves – according to Set-Up Events website:

Below is a listing of swim times in MM:SS format for 100 yards. Read over this prior to submitting your swim time.
0:50 – 1:20 : Super Fast (In contention to win the race and you swim competitively)
1:21 – 1:45 : Fast Enough (still starting in the first 1/3 of the event)
1:46 – 2:10 : Average Swimmer (Swim well enough and don’t need to stop at the end of each lane
2:11 – 2:44 : Novice (Still getting used to this thing called triathlon)
2:45 – 4:59 : Complete beginner/I want to start at the back

In January I figured I would at least be in the “novice” swim time wave. 2:11-2:44

Sadly, I was not. After weeks of practice, I just could not get any faster. Thank God Katie was there to find out that I could move back into the “complete beginner/I want to start at the back” category.

And, good for me…. the start was supposed to be a running JUMP into the pool. NOT NOT NOT going to happen. I walked across the mat, sat on the edge an eased myself into the pool… with Katie by my side telling the timing person to “give me some time” before letting the next person in. (Again.. who doesn’t need this support!?)

And support at the end of every lap:

I actually made it through the swim… despite how I may look. Out of 98 women I finished my swim in 94th place. Lovely.

Thank God for the bike. I was smoking fast! Well, for me. I THOUGHT I finished my 10 mile bike leg in 36 minutes so I was flying high. It was against the wind the entire time, but I got low and just pedaled hard. So hard, in fact, that I missed a turned. I flew right by a right hand turn. Luckily I figured it out pretty quickly!

My transitions were fairly smooth. I could shave some time off of them, but overall I was very happy. I decided to take some extra time before the run to put on running shorts and my Tryon Running Club shirt. I remember being very self-conscious about running in my spandex last time so I thought I would fix that… it worked. I ran stronger than ever!

I finished the 5K in 28:37 (9:12 pace!)

In the last quarter-mile I passed one of my competitors and that is the chance I needed to get my third place trophy! My run saved me!

My final time was 1:29:46. My original goal was <1:40 so I am VERY pleased. Now I just need to focus on my swimming!


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  1. Great report and I love the videos!! So proud of you!

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