Sick Again!!!!!!

For the second time this year I am SICK. At this point it is very annoying. I have all of these events line up… they DO NOT train for themselves! I made some real fitness gains these past few weeks only to be side-lined again. This weekend I missed an 8 mile run and a 35 mile bike ride. I did manage to do one hour on the trainer, but it was not enough. I just didn’t have any more in me. Besides the sickness, the weather has been terrible. So much for spring.

Whoa is me….

I guess I am happy I do not live in Wisconsin – this is what they dealt with on the first day of spring!


Instead of feeling too sorry for myself I went shopping and bought some new summer riding outfits.


A skirt, two tops and two pairs of socks. The shade of pink matches my wheels perfectly!

I needed to get sleeveless tops lest this condition get worse…


This is my arm after the tri last weekend and a long ride the next day. Very unfortunate tan lines and markings! Not a very attractive look!


1 Comment

  1. Linda

    Nice farmer’s tan. Hope you are feeling better! I am home sick again but this morning I went to the doctor’s office and got an antibiotic.

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