What I CAN do!

I have to admit, it has been a rough year so far for me. I have been getting sick after each race, pulling muscles, and generally tired. There are some theories behind this… my yoga instructor believes it to be adrenal fatigue, which, after reading about it, could be true. I am investigating and trying some easily things to do to try to fix it. Namely, reducing caffine (noticed, I didn’t say eliminate!) supplementing with magnesium and an adrenal support mixture. Also, trying to keep things in perspective.

I was so excited at the beginning of the year to set grand challenges and BE A TRIATHLETE. I got exicted looking at the race calendar – I wanted to do it all! And, therefore, signed up for QUITE A FEW races. Three of which all happen in consecutive weekends this month.

After Parris Island I was on a high. I planned on making my workouts better and faster. Four days post race I woke up feeling miserable. It lasted nearly two weeks. Just as I started feeling better I pulled a hip flexor. I was ready to hang in the towel. This is now the THIRD time this year I have been sick. hmmm… three races so far and three illnesses. Is there a pattern? My body clearly does not like racing. So, last week I started to panic. If I have three races in ONE MONTH what the heck is going to happen to my body!? Clearly I am not made for this sport.

I said these words to my coach. The note I got back was thoughtful and caring. She confirmed that most of us at one point or another have these thoughts. If I stop now I will always wonder… what if…

So, those are the words I needed. After lots of thoughts about “retiring” from my brief stint as a triathlete I decided to banish those thoughts. I am moving forward to the ultimate goal this year of the half ironman in September. I am going to participate in all these races and ENJOY them.

I had the notion that I wanted to RACE and be COMPETITIVE. This is very unnatural for me. I still want to do my best, but the stress of trying to be fast (faster than other people) is mentally exhausting for me. I think I felt better when I was doing it for a fun experience.

So this month:
4/13: Assualt on the Carolina 37 mile bike ride.
Original Plan: I had some time goals for myself and I wanted to make it up the big hills without walking.
Current Plan: enjoy the day and push the bike if I have to.

4/20: Charleston Sprint Tri
Original Plan: Try to be faster in the swim and get another Athena award
Current Plan: Swim calmly and make it through. Push hard on the bike and run and not worry about the outcome.

4/28: Diva Half Marathon
Original Plan: Half PR – RACE IT
Current Plan: Run/walk if needed. Have fun and enjoy the run with my friend

Through these last few months with the illness and injury I have missed a lot of workouts. I have spent some time feeling sorry for myself and thinking that if I can’t do my workouts RIGHT and HARD and INTENSE then I should not do them at all. I should sit on the couch and eat. Right? Makes sense. Finally I had an awakening… maybe it was Easter? Who knows. But I decided I was at least going to do something from now on, even if I am not feeling well or my hip is hurting. I have to keep moving forward.

“Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.” – John Wooden


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