Learning how to stop.

I had a great experience last week at a running clinic. A totally unique running clinic… we didn’t really run a whole lot.

We did a lot of thinking. We paid attention.

I have made great strides in the past five years. I have become fit and have done things I never dreamed of doing. I set one goal after another and achieved them. Earlier this year I set a goal because I thought it was the next thing to do. Something to check off the list. Goals should always keep getting bigger and better, right? We should constantly keep pushing and striving and going and going.

Until you are tired….

I can’t explain the feeling I had a few months ago. I was so tired of it all and stressed. I felt bad because, after all of this work and training, I still felt less than…

I finally stopped trying to do more (injury helped). For a while I still kept feeling a weight hang over me saying I had to set a bigger goal and do more. Vacation came and went and I certainly was not the super-hiker I “should” have been. I could have trained harder and been fitter.

There has been a nagging feeling for months that I have to do something big. I just didn’t want to. If I can’t do something big, then what is the point? How about I just do what I want? Could it be possible that I could run and play and do fun things without worry about form and pace and speed and time and heart rate and workout logs and…

Yes! We had a wonderful running clinic on Saturday with Tom and Monika of
Form Fitness & Function. They planted some seeds and I have done some more thinking. I read a blog tonight called “Learning How to Stop“. Monika talked about the same things that this article does. I started thinking about what I needed to stop. I could actually not change anything I was doing and be ok!

For the past few years I have bought tons of running books, fitness DVD’s, diet books, swim caps, goggles, yoga mats. Really… I have 4 yoga mats. Perhaps if I found the PERFECT yoga mat I would be getter at yoga. Three swim goggles. Two swim caps. Countless pairs of running shoes. What if I don’t have to buy anything else? (except new shoes, of course!)

I am going to train for my next half marathon in a completely different way. I am going to run the miles and put in the work. I am going to just run. No data. No heart rate or pace. No thought of time. I will track distance, but nothing else. This will be a fun experiment. Just run. Just eat. Just be.


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  1. Danielle

    Sounds delightful! đŸ™‚

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