New focus!

I have really enjoyed the last year not focusing on anything. I found that even without logging and calculating and setting crazy goals that I generally ate healthy and made good decisions. Actually I LOVED not having any race and training obligations. Despite all of this, I have been starting to crave those big goals and having some direction.

In May I finally joined a Crossfit gym. I have been a Crossfit stalker for some time and tried a couple of other local Crossfits, but never felt comfortable. This one felt different for me. I immediately liked the owners Josh and Cassie and felt comfortable with all the other members.  Crossfit Grace is helping me get my focus back.

Yesterday we started a 30 day Paleo Challenge. I decided to start keeping a journal again with the process. I have done two Whole 30s in the past and each time learned something new. The first one taught me gluten was not so good for me – I have never gone back. The second one helped me relax about things…. eliminated the scale completely and stopped counting calories… tried to learn to eat more intuitively.

So here we are with the third. This one is fun because the focus will be on performance. We did a workout yesterday that we will again retest at the end to see what improvements were made. I also plan on getting some running back in and also trying for the millionth time to add some mobility in my routine.


Strength Test:
1RM Push Press.  (95 pounds for me)
Conditioning Test:
“Fight Gone Bad”
Max effort reps for 1 minute at each station – 
Wall Balls (20/14) (10′)
Sumo Deadlift High-Pulls (75/55)
Box Jump (20″)
Push Press (75/55)
Row (calories)
x 3
Rest 1 minute after each round

Total reps – 176

My wall balls were PITIFUL. It was all I could do to get the ball up there and then back down into a squat. I am looking forward the most to see improvements in this. I actually like this move and I cannot wait to do it better.

The box jump did not happen.. I did step ups. One day I want to jump up but that box freaks me out. John built me that one a couple of years ago that I have yet to jump up on!  I could only really step up with my right leg – my left hip is so weak. So, while I may or may not get a jump anytime soon, I would like to see the strength in my left leg improve.


The first day was not as balanced as it should be. We just got back from vacation and there was not a lot of food in the house.

B: 2 scrambled eggs and sausage

S: grapes and macademia nuts

L: tuna salad with apple and pecans

S: dates and pecans

D: spinach salad with chicken sausage and homemade dijon vingerette



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