Paleo Challenge Day 5

I think I am finally caught up on my sleep from vacation – I am starting to wake up normally again and not be a zombie when the alarm goes off.  That means I decided to skip the morning class on Friday – I was planning on going to see what all the fuss was about and get my workout out of the way for the day, but I decided sleep was more important at this point. Then, since the workout was all running I decided to do it and lunch but forgot my clothes. Anyway… sounds like I missed another workout. I did make time to foam roll and stretch and it really felt good.  In all my endeavors in the past the mobility work always got left out… I am trying to keep it important going forward.


B: eggs and sausaage

S: macadamia nuts

L: Applegate farms turkey deli meat, leftover red slaw from last night, apple, carrots

D: bacon wrapped chicken, sweet potatoes and zuchinni

D: 1 glass of wine

In the spirit of “if you do what you have always done, you get what you have always got”… I decided to take the optional point deduction and have some wine. I might do it for other things in this challenge. Tonight it was wine. I was hesitant to do this challenge because I generally do not do well with restriction. I have made it through two other challenges but then on day 31 all beats are off and I usually binge on whatever I have been craving for the past 30 days.  I decided that I wanted wine.  It was nice to have a glass, enjoy it and move on.

No guilt. No worry. No extremes.

Looking forward to the weekend and getting some walking in. As much as I love the intense works sometimes it is nice to just walk!


1 Comment

  1. Cassie

    This may be my favorite day! & Im going to have to try that slaw! sounds delish!

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