Paleo Challenge Day 9

Tuesdays are my day!  For the past couple of weeks I have been crushing my workouts. Not sure what it is but I am not going to complain. Today I PR’d my “Hang Clean and Jerk” (my favorite move, by the way – 95lbs). The link to the video is long – but just watch the first couple to get an idea. I am not as fast, but will get there one day. AND, the biggest deal was that I dropped the bar from above, like the second guy on the video… although, mine was a bit more dramatic and exciting.

I also crushed the WOD. Running and kettlebells. I did it in a much better time that I expected and did it with the 45 lb kettlebells again. LOVE the kettlebells. Today was easier than last week (maybe because I did it already) but also read an article today I found that compared kettlebell training to that of yoga – how it needs the mind/body connection. I wasn’t just throwing the KB overhead – I was really trying to focus on whole body and using my hips. My first set was the best – I did all 15 unbroken, but the next three were tough after the run. I decided to break them down into three sets of five good swings. I lost some time resting, but my form stayed good throughout.

Olympic Lifting:
15 minutes to 5×1 Hang Clean & Jerk
*AHAP w/perfect form
4 Rounds for total time:
Run 400m
15 KBS (70/55)
*rest 1:00 between rounds*
What a lovely food day.
B: eggs, brisket, spinach
S: macademia nuts (gag)
L: lovely salad… more on that below
D: more brisket (it’s true) over mashed butternut squash and homemade veggie soup (from the crockpot today)
I believe I have perfected my lunch time routine. I have been doing this for awhile now and was on a roll before vacation, but then it took me a week to get back in the routine. We have two huge refrigerators at work so instead of packing a lunch daily I fill up a insulated grocery bag with a variety of lunch supplies… salad stuff, toppings, tuna, deli meat, nuts, peppers, olives, fruit, etc. I also keep in the a big salad bowl (actually a serving bowl!) a sharp knife and other utensils. I bring it on Monday and store it until Friday.
Today’s salad:

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