Paleo Challenge Day 10

I had a lovely and productive day… I worked at home. I was actually able to get my work done and many household chores that have been staring at me for awhile. I wish I could do it one more day.

I also cooked up a bunch of food that will last us the rest of the week – turkey breast in the crock pot, a pot of cocoa chili, sweet potatoes and spaghetti squash.  The cocoa chili is yet another fantastic recipe from my favorite paleo website             The Clothes Make the Girl. She is full of great ideas and inspiring blogs.

The workout was another hard one but I am happy with out I did:

3X8 Pause Front Squats; Every 3 minutes (75 lbs, just noticed the workout was supposed to be “as heavy as possible”. I have to say, that I did not do. I could have gone heavier)
* 3 second pause in the bottom
4:00 AMRAP –
 5 Pull-ups
 10 Push-ups (Hand Release)
 15 Air Squats
 – – – –
 800m Run
x 2
*Perform “Cindy” for 4 minutes then take off on a 800 meter run. When you get back from your run begin immediately into “Cindy” for another 4 minutes then take off on a 800 meter run.
* Rounds are rolling from the 1st 4 minute AMRAP to the 2nd.
* Score will be rounds + reps, and total time.

Ended up with 6 rounds in 21:50 minutes.

The workout was good and hard. I did jumping pull-ups again. They are harder than they appear… though not as hard as real pull-ups. I am happy I graduated from the ring rows!  I also did the push-ups on my knees… only because we had to go all the way down to do hand-releases. I am not sure that I could have done them all if we didn’t do them this way. The run was tough, as usual, I hate running around that building with the gravel and the stupid little hill. I did get a little extra push the last round when someone unexpected ran with me and gave me a nudge. I was surprised and happy with the encouragement. I did run faster, which only shows that I CAN run faster. I need to push it a bit more on these runs, but I seem to always be trying to save some breath for what is next.  I will run faster.


B: eggs, brisket, butternut squash

L: cocoa chili over baked sweet potato

S: apples and almond butter

D: turkey breast, sweet potato, spinach


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