Day 12, 13 14

I love weekends!  No structure, no schedules.  I love it when weekends feel like a vacation – that is exactly what this one was like. I had a great time Saturday with my parents hanging out, shopping, playing with the pups….. fun.

I used some deductions again this weekend for the Paleo challenge. I had the most amazing gluten free cake. It has been a long time since i have had cake and I decided it was worth it. It was rich and delicious. I can’t say that I felt great afterwards, but it tasted good.  Later that night we made cocktails – my new favorite… the Moscow Mule.

One thing I have notice about the weekends is that I do not get my water in… I am not even sure I drink water at all. I tried making up for it today after I saw the workout for Monday. I think I got about half of my water in… better than Saturday.


B: eggs, brisket, spinach

S: finished the macadamia nuts!

L: big salad

D: turkey, sweet potatoes, salad


B: eggs and veggies

L: hamburger no bun, fries (-2)

S: GF chocolate cake (-2)

D: roast chicken, butternut squash soup, salad with apples, pecans and cheddar (-2)

2 cocktails (-4)

no water (-2)


B: eggs and sweet potatoes

L; big salad

D: ham, sweet potatoes, salad with pears and pecans

not enough water (-2)


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