Day 16

I am feeling every bit of that workout from yesterday. My abs haven’t been this sore it quite some time! Tonight’s workout was fun but I wish I did a couple of things different.

Olympic Lifting:
15 minutes – 5×1 Hang Clean + Split Jerk
*Heavy, but perfect, singles
** I did a couple at 85 but my form was not good so I dropped it down to 75 to work on “quick elbows” and keeping my knees out. I feel good about this and am going to keep working on the form**
12 minutes to complete-
15 Shoulder to Overhead (135/95)  I did 65 lbs – since I was able to do so many burpees I am wondering if I should have tried for 70 or 75.
10 C2B Pull-ups  Jumping pull-ups – I didn’t build my platform high enough and didn’t get as good of pulls as I usually do
50 Double-Unders 100 singles
x 3
With the remainder of the 12 minutes-
ME Lateral Burpees Over-the-Bar ** 20 of my “wimpy” burpees. I got 20 of them, but I should have focused more on my form and doing a strong burpee rather than just getting up and down off the floor. Things just fell apart when I went down for my first two and realized how sore my core what and how tired my arms were. I still should have focused more and did them better**
*Score is number of burpees completed.
B: eggs and ham
L: big salad
S: dates and almond butter
D: crockpot chicken, sweet potato
I was STARVING all day and did not have enough food with me. I added more olives and artichoke hearts than usual to my salad and those, with the ham for breakfast, left me retaining more water than I like! TOO MUCH SODIUM today. I tried drinking extra water but it didn’t help yet. I will probably be up all night!

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