Day 17

I had a great day – work was productive and I am making progress in my new position… 7 months and I am finally working on my own figuring things out. I am used to being the expert in all things so this transition from my role in customer service to this IT position was a tough one. I am happy everyday I that I made the move, but I will be even happier when I can be an fully contributing again.

I got the new job about a month before I started Crossfit… I pretty much jumped out of my comfort zone all together this year. As with my job, I am finally feeling like I really making progress at the gym. My strengths gains are finally becoming noticeable to me. It was the kettlebell that really opened my eyes.  Earlier this year I was working out on my own and was doing some kettlebell exercises. I had a 15 pound KB and a 35 lb KB. I couldn’t even swing the KB AT ALL.  When I started the gym I used the 15 lb for several weeks before going to the 26 lb. Now I can do the 45 lb!  Very exciting.

3X8 Pause Front Squats; rest 2 minutes between sets  (I did 85 lbs and really focused on getting into a deep squat and keeping my elbows up)
*3 second pause in absolute bottom
3 rounds of –
4 minute AMRAP
8 Strict Handstand Push-ups (HSPU) (Kneeled on a high box and did them from that position)
12 Jumping Squats (45/35)
16 Burpees (half wimpy, and half pretty decent!)
Rest 1 minute after each 4 minute AMRAP
*Round are rolling
*Score is total rounds + reps
*You’ll perform the 4 minute AMRAP, rest 1 minute, begin another 4 minute AMRAP where you left off on the first AMRAP, repeat until all three 4 minute AMRAPs are complete.
*** I completed 4 full rounds plus 7 push-ups ****  DRIPPING SWEAT!
B: eggs
L: big salad
D: apple sausage and sweet potatoes
Not sure what today was all about. I just didn’t feel like messing with food.

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