Days 19-28

I have been off doing grandmother things:) It has been so exciting seeing my daughter bring a new life into this world. My focus is stronger than ever to be a “bad-ass grandma”, as one of my friends said!

While I have not really been logging my food, I have been eating what I eat. Challenge or not I pretty much eat the same way I have been for the past few years.  I have, however, gotten a bit lax over some food choices over the past year and this challenge has helped me dial that back in.  I didn’t realize how much I was reaching for chips (potato, tortilla) as snacks (they ARE gluten free after all…)  I was reaching for gluten free versions of certain foods more often where I wasn’t before. Gluten free breads, snacks, etc. are all crap. They are junk food just like there glutenated counter parts.

I also realized with this challenge how much dairy creeped back into my diet.  I didn’t have any for the first two weeks then one weekend I had some cheese and a latte. I noticed a difference in my digestion. While it wasn’t extreme, it was a reminder that I do not need to eat it daily.

Since vacation I have also been making a point to eat more slowly. I didn’t realized how much I rushed eating until vacation… I would be done with my food and John wouldn’t even be half done. I started intentionally slowing down…. putting my fork down and chewing slower. I still catch myself shoveling it in, but that usually happens when I get too hungry.

The two things I have struggled with this past week have been sleep and hydration.  We were up all night last Saturday waiting for the baby to come then I had the dogs for two nights after that. Needless to say I was very sleep deprived.  They went home Tuesday, but I still felt anxious that night and Wednesday. It was the first time in the past month that I reached for some junk food (chips) and almost devoured the whole bag. Instead of understanding the clues that I was tired and thirsty, I ate crap. What I needed to do was drink water and sleep…. I paid for this choice when I went to workout on Thursday and Friday. I felt weak and parched.

I am looking forward to this week and getting back on my normal routine!


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