PR Day!

I love it when we do the “one rep max” days… always a great indicator of how the hard work is paying off. When I started Crossfit 6 months ago my back squat was 150 lbs… I was pretty proud of that. Over a few months I worked up to 185lbs. I was THRILLED. My goal today was 200lbs, but I did not quite get there… I got to 195lbs. It is funny how that first 35 pound jump was relatively easy!  Not so much anymore.  I put the 200lbs on and could not make it to parallel. My knees started caving in and I stopped and re-racked. I tried three times and it was just not happening.

This is on my way down with 195… not really pretty, but it felt good!


After that we had an awesome workout. For some reason I love these really tough ones… plus, whenever we have a time limit I seem to crush it because I am worried about timing out.

50 Double-Unders (I did 3:1 single jumps – 150)
50 Thrusters (75/55)
400m Run
40 Handstand Push-ups (I did the kneeling on the box modification)
*15 minute cut-off  ( whoo hoo! 12:20)
I am continuing to stay focused on my nutrition. I added an afternoon snack around 4:00 of dates and almond butter and I think it is helping!
Now on to my date with my new mobility tools:


  1. K2

    Awesome… you are SO strong! Can’t wait to hear about the mobility

  2. lauraph2009

    Thanks K2:) You are too! So happy we found Crossfit!

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