Recovery Day

I decided to make today a recovery day and focus on walking and mobility. Yesterday hit me a bit harder than I thought it would and tomorrow is another one-rep-max day with the deadlift. I can’t wait to see what that weight will be.

Today I walked 45 minutes at lunch – perfect.

Mobility tonight included:

Test for Hip Flexion – stand on one leg with a braced neutral spine and pull one knee to chest – 120 degrees or better (fail)

– Banded Hip, single-leg squat

– Double banded hip distraction

– Glute Smash and floss

– Voodoo floss heel cord

For the heel cord I have been doing the VooDoo Floss for the past few days by just wrapping and moving my ankle around. Today I watched a video from Mobility WOD on heel cord work and it prescribed 30 air squats and then full range of motion using the kettle bell as a prop. (I had pictures, but they will not load)… so, watch the video if you are interested.

Since my right heel cord has been bothering me for a while I am supposed to be working on it 5 times a day. I have to say… it hurts to do the VooDoo floss so I decided to work my way up. I am at two times a day. I will try for more this weekend.


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