Monthly Archives: November, 2014


I read an article where super-strong lifter and coach, Diane Fu, describes what PROGRESS means to her. What is better? I used to define progress as getting smaller. I never felt like I accomplished anything unless I was losing weight. I WANTED to define it by getting faster or running stronger, but at the end …

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Grandma, Nana, Meemaw, Granny….

My daughter wrote a blog post about what she learned about being a new mother. It is thoughtful and sweet – just what I would expect from her. She is a natural at this motherhood gig… calm and caring, loving and nurturing…. nothing less than I expected out of her. I struggled a bit more …

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I was so excited all week for the deadlift one-rep-max. I did this move years ago with my brother but never at any significant weight. After my lovely back squat PR and seeing what the other girls were lifting I was sure to hit a bit number. I didn’t. I struggled with this move more …

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