I read an article where super-strong lifter and coach, Diane Fu, describes what PROGRESS means to her. What is better?

I used to define progress as getting smaller. I never felt like I accomplished anything unless I was losing weight. I WANTED to define it by getting faster or running stronger, but at the end of the day it was all about the scale.

Progress has now changed.

What a relief.

Now I care about how hard I have worked. Did I give it my all? Did I have a positive attitude or doubt myself? Some days are better than others and I recognize them completely. Have I supported my fellow athletes or felt in competition? Now that John is doing Crossfit too I often feel like I have to “compete: with him about how hard my workouts are… how much I lifted. Instead, I should be proud of the work I have done and supportive and proud of the work he has done. We are all at different places and I have to honor that fact.

Am I willing to not judge myself or others on their body type? That is progress. I used to line up at the starting line and look for all of the other over-weight runners. I used to be so happy when I beat the skinny runners. Now we are all just athletes working hard. Progress.

I love the new mentality that Crossfit has given me. I love lifting heavy weights (for me) and not comparing myself against those lifting heavier or lighter. We are all working hard and making progress!


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