December Challenge

December is going to be an interesting month. My whole routine is going to change… I am working from home and watching the grandbaby. I am so happy and exited that I get to do this, but I have been a little concerned about my routine. I like routine… I pretty much do things at the same time and in the same sequence everyday. I am not sure if that is good or makes me like Sheldon on The Big Bang, but it is what it is. I don’t get bothered too much when my routine doesn’t go as planned, but this is a whole month.

So , we are on day three… I think we are figuring each other out and things will be fine. I decided to start work extra early (around 5:30AM) to get work done before she gets here. Today it worked out perfectly.. so hopefully it stays that way.

The only thing that has been nagging at me is my workout schedule. My Crossfit gym is 30 minutes away. It is in a perfect location when I go to the office… not so much from home.  My options were to go down there at 5-6AM or 6:30 PM. Neither appealing. I did the 6:30PM class Monday and it was tough to get home at 8:00 at night. Tuesday I was too tired to go out. I batted around the idea of going to a closer Crossfit gym for the month, but it still means getting up early and rushing back (and losing out on that work time) or again, a later class. I could have made a 5:30 work, but it would have taken coordination to get baby back to her momma. One more thing to think about after a busy and tiring day.

Luckily, I have a beautiful home gym that we have built over the years. Plus, I have ordered myself two new additions – a 35lb barbell and a smaller box jump.

So, for the next month I will go to the gym when I can, but on the days I can’t I will either do the same workout that was posted or do another workout.

Today the posted workout was running, overhead squats and muscle ups… I cant do any of these things here so.. I picked something elseL


400 meter run ( I rowed 500 meters)

21 kettlebell swings – 35lbs

12 pull-ups (I did jumping pull-ups)

3 rounds for time  ( 13:20)

I also did a great warm-up and mobility afterwards. When I get my barbell I will also do the heavy lifts.


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