Goals are set!

I have been putting a lot of thought into some goals for the year and decided just to focus on a few to begin with then reevaluate in April.

From today through March 31st:

Performance Goals:

Run a 5K – 33 minutes or less on March 21st

Get 20 unbroken, fluid double-unders

One rep max 200 lb deadlift

One rep max 200 lb back squat

Health Goals:

January – eat 100% Whole 30, February and March eat Whole 30 with the exception of one spurge per month, if desired

Fit comfortably in my marathon shorts (right now they are tight…these are my benchmark for fat loss as I will not be weighing myself)

Reduce “stress” – while I do not have a huge amount of daily stress I do tend to get overly anxious about things at times. I am going to add in daily meditation. I am going to wake up earlier than usual to do at least 15 minutes of meditation.

Right now I do not have anything particular in mind for a “big” goal for the whole year. I need to make some weightloss progress between now and March. I took 2014 off from the constant stress of trying to be smaller and learned to be comfortable with myself and try some new things. I think I needed to totally change my mindset if I am going to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I believe it worked and I am ready to finish what I started!



  1. Josh

    We need to get these up on the board at the gym.

  2. lauraph2009

    Man! I left tonight and forgot to write them down even after we talked about it!

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