Actions Taken!

After setting the goals the other day I immediately started taken action.. that’s what its all about, right? When I was most successful in the past I was on a pretty strict schedule about what I did and when. To achieve my goals over the next three months I will have to be focused.

Morning – awake about 30 minutes earlier than usual to do the “morning routine”. This is adopted from Mark Divine at Seal Fit. He has some really great stuff about meditation and mental strength that I have been reading about for awhile but never acting on.
– 5 minutes breath awareness
– journal about goals… what am I planning on doing today to get me closer to my goals, what do I have to do today to ensure that I am on track, etc. Gratitude.
– 10 minutes of light movement – yoga, mobility, etc.
– 5 min visualization

Get ready for work, eat

mid morning – 5 minutes meditate
coffee, snack

Lunch – 11:30
Tues and Thursday will be running. I will follow the Crossfit Endurance 5K plan from Brian Mackenzie’s new book “Unbreakable Runner”. I am going to do the best I can with this. Towards the end of the 10 week training plan the workouts get a bit long and I only have an hour for lunch. I will adapt as needed.
The other days of the week I can do what I want…

MId afternoon
NO more coffee…this is a habit I have to break. Instead I will have herbal tea, which I really like.

4:30 – pre workout snack

5:30 Crossfit workouts Monday – Thursday
In addition to what the posted workouts are I will practice double-unders daily
Hopefully deadlifts will stay in the rotation so I can continue to work on that goal without doing anything extra on another day. I feel like I am just getting the hang of this lift.

7:00 – dinner, clean kitchen, shower, relax (check social media, etc)

8:30 – social media off…blog and read BOOKS. I found a fun reading challenge that I am going to work on this year

9:00 – hot tea

9:30 – quiet and deep meditation. I bought a meditation program and you are supposed to do it 30 minutes per day and they say preferably not at night, but I don’t really know when I would just sit for 30 minutes any other time. I will have to work on fitting this in somewhere, but I am going to follow it.

10:00 – in bed


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