First Crossfit Open workout! 15.1

On Friday I did my very first Crossfit Open workout,  It was very fun and surprisingly different from a regular workout. The gym was packed with fellow athletes, coaches, and judges. It was very official as they discusses rules, standards, etc. I was nervous for some reason… the same way I am before a race. I have not change of winning (not downing myself, its just the truth) but want to do my best.

Every athlete has their own certified judge to count the number of reps and also make sure your reps COUNT… they have to be a certain standard… no cheating on form!  Since I typically suffer from “performance anxiety” the fact of someone specifically watching ME was a but unnerving!.

The workouts are posted every Thursday night at 8:00PM. At that point the fun begins… as usual, I wanted to be prepared. I made sure to watch the instructional videos posted by Crossfit several times. Then searched the internet for tips. There are a couple of websites that gather tips and tricks from Crossfit pros on the best ways to tackle these workouts… warm-ups, strategy, etc. I had my plan ready to go!

The official workout – 15.1

Workout 15.1

9-minute AMRAP:
15 toes-to-bars (scaled = knee ups)
10 deadlifts
5 snatches
  (M 115 lb. /  F 75 lb.)  (scaled for F = 55lb)

Workout 15.1a

1-rep-max clean and jerk

  6-minute time cap

I did the scaled version – thankfully the introduced scaled class this year. I would not have been able to complete if they didn’t. They specify the specifics about what the scaled version is so there are still standards.

For 15.1 I ended up with 156 reps total as my score.   I wanted to keep a steady pace that I could maintain and wanted to not get a “no rep” called (meaning I didn’t perform the movement correctly). The knee ups really started to get to me… my hands were so sore from the bar. I started doing 5 at a time and taking a rest, but towards the end I could only do about 3 without stopping and shaking out my hands and forearms.  I did get called “no rep” a couple of times as I didn’t get my knees up past my waist.

Post workout thoughts: I really wish I had tried to go a bit faster. I think I paced myself too much.

15.1a – the second part of the workout was to get a one-rep-max on the clean and jerk. I love this move and was hoping to at least get to my PR weight of 105lb (hoping for higher), but after doing the first part my hands and forearms were SO TIRED!.   it was all I could do to get that bar up. I ended out maxing at 100lbs.

I went in the first heat of four. It was fun spending a couple of hours cheering on my friends. We have some amazingly strong people at our gym.

Looking forward to 15.2…

I plan to do the same prep after the workout is posted – it was very helpful to get my mind prepared.

We have a tough week of workouts leading up to Friday so I need to make sure I am doing my stretching and mobility daily and eating really well.


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