This week those of us who plan on doing the scaled versions of most of these Open workouts got what we asked for! A scaled version that was tough but doable. A workout where we still had to work hard and execute good form but could compete!

50 wall balls

200 single unders

14 min AMRAP (as many reps as possible)

Wall balls are TOUGH… luckily, because we have good coaches, we have been working the past three months on learning how to do them correctly.  And, the good part for me today is that often in our every-day WODs when a wall ball workout comes up I seem to end up with the 14 lb ball. AND, we have had to shoot at a 10′ target. Imagine my delight when I learn in the Open 15.3 workout we get to use a 10lb ball and shoot at a 9′ target!!   Now, by no means did I think this would be EASY, but it gave me hope that I could actually complete more than one round. It gave me hope that I could actually hit the target with the least amount of “no reps” as possible.

I knew from past wall ball experience, that I takes me about 5 minutes to get 50 wall balls using the 14lb ball. I knew that 10lb ball was still going to get heavy, and, I still had to jump rope. My plan was to break it down into sets of 10 and jump as fast as possible without stopping. The jump rope was going to be the key to getting as much time on the wall as possible. My goal was at least two rounds (500 reps)…. I got 520 reps. VERY happy.

The last 10 reps were pure adrenaline… the clock was ticketing and people were counting down the seconds. As I rushed to throw the ball up to get the final reps I kept missing! The ball wouldn’t hit the target at all… or it wouldn’t even hit the wall!   I had the best judge ever… calmly and quietly chuckling (it was getting comical) and encouraging… I know he was willing that ball to hit the wall as much as I was.  The crowd was awesome (as always) and I could hear my name being called. Someone kept saying “ONE MORE TIME”… she said it at least 10 times and every time she said it threw that ball up and hit the target ONE MORE TIME.  I am not sure who that was in the crowd but it helped SO MUCH. I threw that darn ball up until the timer went off. No slack, no breaks, no pausing. Those last 30 seconds were crazy fun.

Later that night I got home and thinking about the fun. I posted one of my favorite quotes:

“I am always doing things I can’t do. That’s how I get to do them.” – Pablo Picasso

I stumbled upon this one a year or so ago and it so defines how my last 6 years have been.  I have done the some very awesome things that my mind told me I could not do.  It was so hard at first to take the first steps to being brave and putting myself out there… the first 5K I signed up for was so nerve-wrecking it was insane. The first time I showed up by myself at at running club event….to running a marathon. Hiking to the bottom of the Grand Canyon. Jumping (well, slowly lowering myself) into a swimming pool at Parris Island with a bunch of triathletes. Walking into the Crossfit Gym…. competing in the Crossfit Open.   What fun!


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