Another Crossfit Open workout in the books. They came through for us scaled people again and gave us a workout that was again challenging but doable.

10 push press at 65lbs

10 cleans at 75 lbs

AMRAP for 8 min

After being sick with allergies for two weeks and back pain for one week I had no expectations. I have done no other workout since 15.3 and was going to pay for it.  While the allergy medicine is starting to kick in I still have some coughing and irritation.  Last week when I was coughing so hard I pulled muscles in my back that have had me in much pain for most of the past week. I had an intense massage therapy session last Tuesday and have been doing some prescribed exercises daily, but I could still feel the twinge. I felt I was well enough to give this workout a shot.. if anything else I could bail during the workout if anything hurt.

I set a goal of 80 reps and made it to 83. At the 5 minute mark they yelled out “3 more minutes” and I thought I wasn’t going to make it. I thought for sure 8 minutes had passed!  My breathing what out of control – this workout was more cardio than I expected and I think I went out too strong – I didn’t pace myself like I normally would have. Since I had no expectations I didn’t do my normal planning and prep workout to prepare for the workout.

The best part of the night was seeing all the other athletes push hard to reach their goals. The guys and girls doing the RX version were so impressive – handstand push-ups. They looked so hard! And, the RX weight was very heavy and it was a PR for some… very inspiring to watch people struggle and succeed.

Saturday was also supposed to be my 5K goal race. It didn’t turn out as I had planned earlier this year. Between lack of running and sickness I didn’t hit my goal. I didn’t train like I should have for various reasons… I wasn’t as committed to my goal as I thought I was.  I did, however, have a wonderful day with my daughter and friend. I enjoyed the race course and walked mostly and ran some. I enjoyed being “a walker”. There will be more 5Ks and what these last two showed me is that they are fun and a worthy event. I used to not do anything less than a 10K… and, even that was short. I preferred Half marathons. I figured if I was going to train and pay money then I would make it worth it.   So, now that I am feeling better and the weather is turning nice, I am going to pick another race and give it a better shot.

Looking forward to getting back to normal and exited for 15.5!


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