Goal free again

I took 2014 off from goal setting. It was nice to not have something constantly looming over me. Goals are a double-edged sword for me… they motivate me to push harder but also make me feel that I might not be good enough.  In January this year I decided I wanted some specific things to strive for again and proclaimed them and wrote them on the board. I worked hard and after three months I didn’t achieve one of them. I worked out hard and worked out consistently but I didn’t really focus specifically like I planned. I also succumbed to some bad habits that I thought I gave up – comparison.  I got in the bad habit of trying to do more than I should just because others were.

I honestly think I like the goal-free life better. At this point I am happy getting a good, honest workout in 5 days a week I work up a sweat and get my heart rate up.  I am going to focus on good form and technique and not weight.  I need to be stong and healthy for life, not just to work for some random weight goal.


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