Conquer the hills…. one day…

Since last weekend’s test ride up the Assualt route I definitely needed a confidence building ride. Katie road with me today to give me just that. We went on a route that promised some good hills and it did not disappoint.

As soon as we started off I was huffing and puffing! For some reason riding after work always gets the best of me. All that sitting all day wears me down!

I worked on my shifting and asked a lot of questions about Saturday. I am nervous about doing something that will cause someone else to crash… I am more worried about that than walking up hills. I have never rode with such a large group of people. There are supposed to be close to 1000 cyclists!

Back to the ride… we hit some hills early on and Katie told me those were the warm-up. There was one big hill she was taking me to that I was going to get up. I was going to snake it if I had to. I learned today that I was not really snaking wide enough to give me the help I needed. I needed to go straight across the road then pedal, pedal, pedal up.. then straight across again then pedal, pedal, pedal up… about the third time doing this I was worried about a blind curve ahead. I was busy watching the curve for a car that I forgot to pedal, pedal, pedal… and down I went. A “stall fall”.

After that I had to push the rest of the way up. I will have to conquer that hill another day.

A few more hills later and we are done. It wasn’t a long ride, but it was a good one.

I also tried out a new App on my iPhone for this ride – EndoMondo. It is a GPS Tracking App and website that shows views of your workout. Pretty cool and easy to use!

was out cycling 10.90 miles in 1h:05m:14s using Endomondo.

via Endomondo Cycling Workout.



  1. Danielle

    You are awesome!

  2. You did a double whammy yesterday: hills and this relentless wind! GREAT JOB!

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