Day 18

The highlight of today were the hanging knee-ups. Before the workout even started I convinced myself that I could not do them. Needless to say, with a little prodding from someone and encouragement from Cassie, I got through them. Another win for me.. ignoring my own doubting mind.

1200 meter run
25 Toes-to-Bar
800 meter run
20 Toes-to-Bar
400 meter run
15 Toes-to-Bar
I finished in 23:33.
B: eggs and sausage
L: butternut squash soup, salad with Boars Head chicken
D: eggs and sausage
Dinner was supposed to be chuck roast in the crockpot. I got a beautiful roast at Earthfare and covered it in pepper and two different paprikas… then topped with a can of fire roasted tomatoes. This recipe turns out perfect every time…. when the power stays on.  I was so disappoint to walk in and see the crockpot off – I knew something was wrong because it is usually on warm. BOO.  I hated having to throw that away!

Day 17

I had a great day – work was productive and I am making progress in my new position… 7 months and I am finally working on my own figuring things out. I am used to being the expert in all things so this transition from my role in customer service to this IT position was a tough one. I am happy everyday I that I made the move, but I will be even happier when I can be an fully contributing again.

I got the new job about a month before I started Crossfit… I pretty much jumped out of my comfort zone all together this year. As with my job, I am finally feeling like I really making progress at the gym. My strengths gains are finally becoming noticeable to me. It was the kettlebell that really opened my eyes.  Earlier this year I was working out on my own and was doing some kettlebell exercises. I had a 15 pound KB and a 35 lb KB. I couldn’t even swing the KB AT ALL.  When I started the gym I used the 15 lb for several weeks before going to the 26 lb. Now I can do the 45 lb!  Very exciting.

3X8 Pause Front Squats; rest 2 minutes between sets  (I did 85 lbs and really focused on getting into a deep squat and keeping my elbows up)
*3 second pause in absolute bottom
3 rounds of -
4 minute AMRAP
8 Strict Handstand Push-ups (HSPU) (Kneeled on a high box and did them from that position)
12 Jumping Squats (45/35)
16 Burpees (half wimpy, and half pretty decent!)
Rest 1 minute after each 4 minute AMRAP
*Round are rolling
*Score is total rounds + reps
*You’ll perform the 4 minute AMRAP, rest 1 minute, begin another 4 minute AMRAP where you left off on the first AMRAP, repeat until all three 4 minute AMRAPs are complete.
*** I completed 4 full rounds plus 7 push-ups ****  DRIPPING SWEAT!
B: eggs
L: big salad
D: apple sausage and sweet potatoes
Not sure what today was all about. I just didn’t feel like messing with food.

Day 16

I am feeling every bit of that workout from yesterday. My abs haven’t been this sore it quite some time! Tonight’s workout was fun but I wish I did a couple of things different.

Olympic Lifting:
15 minutes – 5×1 Hang Clean + Split Jerk
*Heavy, but perfect, singles
** I did a couple at 85 but my form was not good so I dropped it down to 75 to work on “quick elbows” and keeping my knees out. I feel good about this and am going to keep working on the form**
12 minutes to complete-
15 Shoulder to Overhead (135/95)  I did 65 lbs – since I was able to do so many burpees I am wondering if I should have tried for 70 or 75.
10 C2B Pull-ups  Jumping pull-ups – I didn’t build my platform high enough and didn’t get as good of pulls as I usually do
50 Double-Unders 100 singles
x 3
With the remainder of the 12 minutes-
ME Lateral Burpees Over-the-Bar ** 20 of my “wimpy” burpees. I got 20 of them, but I should have focused more on my form and doing a strong burpee rather than just getting up and down off the floor. Things just fell apart when I went down for my first two and realized how sore my core what and how tired my arms were. I still should have focused more and did them better**
*Score is number of burpees completed.
B: eggs and ham
L: big salad
S: dates and almond butter
D: crockpot chicken, sweet potato
I was STARVING all day and did not have enough food with me. I added more olives and artichoke hearts than usual to my salad and those, with the ham for breakfast, left me retaining more water than I like! TOO MUCH SODIUM today. I tried drinking extra water but it didn’t help yet. I will probably be up all night!

Day 15

Tabatas are more fun with friends, but I got it done. I hated to miss the gym tonight, but work called. Sadly, despite it messing up my evening, I was not much help. I did what I could.

35lb KB swing – 76

air squats – 114

sit ups – 80

Not sure how this was scored, but I got a great 12 minute workout.


B: eggs

L: big salad

S: butternut squash soup, dates and almond butter

D: ham, green beans, potatoes

P.S. – I cannot wait for tomorrow. Even though I have to suffer through burpees, I get to do the hang clean and jerk… and jump rope!

Day 12, 13 14

I love weekends!  No structure, no schedules.  I love it when weekends feel like a vacation – that is exactly what this one was like. I had a great time Saturday with my parents hanging out, shopping, playing with the pups….. fun.

I used some deductions again this weekend for the Paleo challenge. I had the most amazing gluten free cake. It has been a long time since i have had cake and I decided it was worth it. It was rich and delicious. I can’t say that I felt great afterwards, but it tasted good.  Later that night we made cocktails – my new favorite… the Moscow Mule.

One thing I have notice about the weekends is that I do not get my water in… I am not even sure I drink water at all. I tried making up for it today after I saw the workout for Monday. I think I got about half of my water in… better than Saturday.


B: eggs, brisket, spinach

S: finished the macadamia nuts!

L: big salad

D: turkey, sweet potatoes, salad


B: eggs and veggies

L: hamburger no bun, fries (-2)

S: GF chocolate cake (-2)

D: roast chicken, butternut squash soup, salad with apples, pecans and cheddar (-2)

2 cocktails (-4)

no water (-2)


B: eggs and sweet potatoes

L; big salad

D: ham, sweet potatoes, salad with pears and pecans

not enough water (-2)

Paleo Challenge Day 11

I am going to run a 5K on Thanksgiving. I need to get to work!  The only running I have done this year are the 400 and 800 meter workouts (and Memorial Day Murph, which included 2 – 1 mile efforts). I don’t think I will ever go back to long distance training, but I would like to finish the 5K in a respectable time.

Today I did last Friday’s running WOD. From now on, Thursday will be running day.

4 x 400 meters with 2 minute rest between intervals

2:30, 2:16, 3:00 (don’t ask), 2:27

I need drop these lap times!


B: eggs, brisket, spinach

S: macadamia nuts

L: cocoa chili and sweet potato

D: turkey, vegetable soup

Paleo Challenge Day 10

I had a lovely and productive day… I worked at home. I was actually able to get my work done and many household chores that have been staring at me for awhile. I wish I could do it one more day.

I also cooked up a bunch of food that will last us the rest of the week – turkey breast in the crock pot, a pot of cocoa chili, sweet potatoes and spaghetti squash.  The cocoa chili is yet another fantastic recipe from my favorite paleo website             The Clothes Make the Girl. She is full of great ideas and inspiring blogs.

The workout was another hard one but I am happy with out I did:

3X8 Pause Front Squats; Every 3 minutes (75 lbs, just noticed the workout was supposed to be “as heavy as possible”. I have to say, that I did not do. I could have gone heavier)
* 3 second pause in the bottom
4:00 AMRAP -
 5 Pull-ups
 10 Push-ups (Hand Release)
 15 Air Squats
 – – – -
 800m Run
x 2
*Perform “Cindy” for 4 minutes then take off on a 800 meter run. When you get back from your run begin immediately into “Cindy” for another 4 minutes then take off on a 800 meter run.
* Rounds are rolling from the 1st 4 minute AMRAP to the 2nd.
* Score will be rounds + reps, and total time.

Ended up with 6 rounds in 21:50 minutes.

The workout was good and hard. I did jumping pull-ups again. They are harder than they appear… though not as hard as real pull-ups. I am happy I graduated from the ring rows!  I also did the push-ups on my knees… only because we had to go all the way down to do hand-releases. I am not sure that I could have done them all if we didn’t do them this way. The run was tough, as usual, I hate running around that building with the gravel and the stupid little hill. I did get a little extra push the last round when someone unexpected ran with me and gave me a nudge. I was surprised and happy with the encouragement. I did run faster, which only shows that I CAN run faster. I need to push it a bit more on these runs, but I seem to always be trying to save some breath for what is next.  I will run faster.


B: eggs, brisket, butternut squash

L: cocoa chili over baked sweet potato

S: apples and almond butter

D: turkey breast, sweet potato, spinach

Paleo Challenge Day 9

Tuesdays are my day!  For the past couple of weeks I have been crushing my workouts. Not sure what it is but I am not going to complain. Today I PR’d my “Hang Clean and Jerk” (my favorite move, by the way – 95lbs). The link to the video is long – but just watch the first couple to get an idea. I am not as fast, but will get there one day. AND, the biggest deal was that I dropped the bar from above, like the second guy on the video… although, mine was a bit more dramatic and exciting.

I also crushed the WOD. Running and kettlebells. I did it in a much better time that I expected and did it with the 45 lb kettlebells again. LOVE the kettlebells. Today was easier than last week (maybe because I did it already) but also read an article today I found that compared kettlebell training to that of yoga – how it needs the mind/body connection. I wasn’t just throwing the KB overhead – I was really trying to focus on whole body and using my hips. My first set was the best – I did all 15 unbroken, but the next three were tough after the run. I decided to break them down into three sets of five good swings. I lost some time resting, but my form stayed good throughout.

Olympic Lifting:
15 minutes to 5×1 Hang Clean & Jerk
*AHAP w/perfect form
4 Rounds for total time:
Run 400m
15 KBS (70/55)
*rest 1:00 between rounds*
What a lovely food day.
B: eggs, brisket, spinach
S: macademia nuts (gag)
L: lovely salad… more on that below
D: more brisket (it’s true) over mashed butternut squash and homemade veggie soup (from the crockpot today)
I believe I have perfected my lunch time routine. I have been doing this for awhile now and was on a roll before vacation, but then it took me a week to get back in the routine. We have two huge refrigerators at work so instead of packing a lunch daily I fill up a insulated grocery bag with a variety of lunch supplies… salad stuff, toppings, tuna, deli meat, nuts, peppers, olives, fruit, etc. I also keep in the a big salad bowl (actually a serving bowl!) a sharp knife and other utensils. I bring it on Monday and store it until Friday.
Today’s salad:

Paleo Challenge Day 8

I just spent a few minutes looking back on some of my old posts. 2009 was an epic year for me. It was the year I decided that I could change my own life. Somehow I had ended 2008 at the heaviest I have ever been. I was tired and fat and miserable with life. Part of it was an undiagnosed thyroid disorder, some of it was just laziness. When I got put on thyroid medication the laziness got a bit better. I started working out in my basement with Jillian Michaels and counting calories. I was obsessed with my calorie expenditure for a whole year.  Every Friday was weigh in day and I put all of my self worth into that day. The number on the scale that day would determine if I was good or bad. If I had worked hard enough or if I was a slacker.

It is interesting to read those posts now. I had to do it. I am not sure I would have changed anything. It worked. I lost 85 pounds that year and it got me started on the fitness journey that I am still on. But, I am so happy I have learned more since then. In the quick few minutes I looked through those posts I can’t even believe how many times I said “I am tired” “so hungry”.  My most successful weightloss weeks I was down to 1000 calories of food. I was starving and working out two hours a day.

I am so happy I don’t have to do that anymore!

I gained some of those 85 pounds back over the past couple of years (I haven’t weighed myself in over a year so I am not sure)…. mostly due to this past year I took off of exercising. It probably would have been more if my diet was bad. I found a way of eating that makes me happy. I enjoy good foods and I haven’t counted a calorie in close to two years. I am rarely TIRED like I was before… and if I am it is because I am having so much fun! Not because I am starving and working myself to exhaustion!


B: eggs and fruit

S: macademia nuts (at this point I just need to finish the can. I bought them at Costco and they are dry roasted with no other additives like some dry roasted nuts have. The problem is that they are not that good. I got used to eating the raw macademia nuts from Earthfare and I prefer them so much more!)

L: big salad (big salads are lots of greens, colorful veggies, peppers and some sort of protein topped with avocado oil, salt and pepper)

D: Cocoa beef brisket, peas, stewed tomatoes

Olympic Lifting:

15 minutes to perform 5 x 1 Hang Snatch

*AHAP w/perfect form (as heavy as possible) Not much for me. I struggle with this move.

10 minute AMRAP
15 Handstand Push-ups (kneeling on a box, upside down)
30 Barbell Weighted Split Jumps (65/45) (35 pounds… ouch!)

I did 3 rounds plus 10 more push-ups

Full, happy and ready for a lovely night’s sleep.

Paleo Challenge Days 6 & 7

Week one is in the books. I had a great week – lots of good food and workouts.

This weekend we stayed so busy but didn’t get much done. Total fun!


B: eggs and veggies

L: hamburger no bun, salad

D: turkey burger, salad


B: eggs and veggies

L: big salad with roast chicken, apples and pecans

S: salami and olives

D: big taco salad – taco meat, olives, tomatoes, salsa, avocado

Saturday we walked the dogs for an hour and it was lovely. Sunday was spent grocery shopping and socializing. There should have been some cleaning done as well…. but time ran out on the day. Darn.


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