Recovery Day

I decided to make today a recovery day and focus on walking and mobility. Yesterday hit me a bit harder than I thought it would and tomorrow is another one-rep-max day with the deadlift. I can’t wait to see what that weight will be.

Today I walked 45 minutes at lunch – perfect.

Mobility tonight included:

Test for Hip Flexion – stand on one leg with a braced neutral spine and pull one knee to chest – 120 degrees or better (fail)

- Banded Hip, single-leg squat

- Double banded hip distraction

- Glute Smash and floss

- Voodoo floss heel cord

For the heel cord I have been doing the VooDoo Floss for the past few days by just wrapping and moving my ankle around. Today I watched a video from Mobility WOD on heel cord work and it prescribed 30 air squats and then full range of motion using the kettle bell as a prop. (I had pictures, but they will not load)… so, watch the video if you are interested.

Since my right heel cord has been bothering me for a while I am supposed to be working on it 5 times a day. I have to say… it hurts to do the VooDoo floss so I decided to work my way up. I am at two times a day. I will try for more this weekend.

PR Day!

I love it when we do the “one rep max” days… always a great indicator of how the hard work is paying off. When I started Crossfit 6 months ago my back squat was 150 lbs… I was pretty proud of that. Over a few months I worked up to 185lbs. I was THRILLED. My goal today was 200lbs, but I did not quite get there… I got to 195lbs. It is funny how that first 35 pound jump was relatively easy!  Not so much anymore.  I put the 200lbs on and could not make it to parallel. My knees started caving in and I stopped and re-racked. I tried three times and it was just not happening.

This is on my way down with 195… not really pretty, but it felt good!


After that we had an awesome workout. For some reason I love these really tough ones… plus, whenever we have a time limit I seem to crush it because I am worried about timing out.

50 Double-Unders (I did 3:1 single jumps – 150)
50 Thrusters (75/55)
400m Run
40 Handstand Push-ups (I did the kneeling on the box modification)
*15 minute cut-off  ( whoo hoo! 12:20)
I am continuing to stay focused on my nutrition. I added an afternoon snack around 4:00 of dates and almond butter and I think it is helping!
Now on to my date with my new mobility tools:

No Days Off

I am going to add another element to my training… serious mobility every day. I got the tools and the resources and now I need to make it a habit. 10 minutes a day… everyday.

I discovered Kelly Starrett a couple of years ago when he first started the Mobility Wod Project. I watched his videos daily and did the “homework”. This was during my marathon training when I was determined to finally cross the finish line of an event I had trained so hard for. I wanted to finish strong and healthy. I have been plagued with hip pain for quite some time… mostly due to muscle tightness and improper movement.  I think my hip issues started when I compensated my gait for foot pain – Morton’s Neuroma in my right foot.  The leg bone is connected to the foot bone… and all that…

The foot pain was temporarily alleviated with cortisone shots. Sadly, too many. Cortisone does not cure, in fact it makes it worse. Surgery is not for me so I just deal with it. The problem is that it caused more damaged upstream.

During marathon training I was consistent with my hip mobility. I felt good and despite 5 months of long training I finished the marathon healthy and felt good enough to run a half marathon the very next weekend.

As my training continued to intensify and become more time-consuming with triathlon training, the key component that kept me healthy got squeezed out. All the stretching and mobility that kept my performance high was the one thing I needed, yet didn’t make time for. I have paid the price this past year as those darn hip issues resurfaced.

Now that I am focused on my performance again I know that mobility is the key to help me do the lifts that I love and get back to running.


I have had Becoming a Supple Leopard since it first came out. I looked through it and consulted it, but never stuck to the rule of “10 minutes a day… every day”. Last week his second book came out, Ready to Run, and I knew I had to have it. It is running specific and very well-organized. It has specific recommendations for problem areas and, the best part, a 28 day mobility plan. I always have liked plans!

I already had some of the basic mobility tools – foam rollers, lacrosse balls and bands, and now I have invested in a couple other pieces. Can’t wait to share those!

So, tonight I did the first day which included the famous “couch stretch” and a new fun move the “two ball smash and floss”.

One of the many (great) things Kelly Starrett says is, “all human beings should be able to perform basic maintenance on themselves.” I love this saying and I am going to take it to heart and fix some of the problem areas that are holding me back.

Retest Day!

Today we retested the workouts we did a month ago to see how we improved. I am very happy with my results! I feel strong and excited to start the next wave of training.

Strength Test:
1RM Push Press.  (test: 95lbs – retest today 105lbs)
Conditioning Test:
“Fight Gone Bad”
Max effort reps for 1 minute at each station –  (test 176 total reps – retest today – 227)
Wall Balls (20/14) (10′)
Sumo Deadlift High-Pulls (75/55)
Box Jump (20″)
Push Press (75/55)
Row (calories)
x 3
Rest 1 minute after each round

Days 19-28

I have been off doing grandmother things:) It has been so exciting seeing my daughter bring a new life into this world. My focus is stronger than ever to be a “bad-ass grandma”, as one of my friends said!

While I have not really been logging my food, I have been eating what I eat. Challenge or not I pretty much eat the same way I have been for the past few years.  I have, however, gotten a bit lax over some food choices over the past year and this challenge has helped me dial that back in.  I didn’t realize how much I was reaching for chips (potato, tortilla) as snacks (they ARE gluten free after all…)  I was reaching for gluten free versions of certain foods more often where I wasn’t before. Gluten free breads, snacks, etc. are all crap. They are junk food just like there glutenated counter parts.

I also realized with this challenge how much dairy creeped back into my diet.  I didn’t have any for the first two weeks then one weekend I had some cheese and a latte. I noticed a difference in my digestion. While it wasn’t extreme, it was a reminder that I do not need to eat it daily.

Since vacation I have also been making a point to eat more slowly. I didn’t realized how much I rushed eating until vacation… I would be done with my food and John wouldn’t even be half done. I started intentionally slowing down…. putting my fork down and chewing slower. I still catch myself shoveling it in, but that usually happens when I get too hungry.

The two things I have struggled with this past week have been sleep and hydration.  We were up all night last Saturday waiting for the baby to come then I had the dogs for two nights after that. Needless to say I was very sleep deprived.  They went home Tuesday, but I still felt anxious that night and Wednesday. It was the first time in the past month that I reached for some junk food (chips) and almost devoured the whole bag. Instead of understanding the clues that I was tired and thirsty, I ate crap. What I needed to do was drink water and sleep…. I paid for this choice when I went to workout on Thursday and Friday. I felt weak and parched.

I am looking forward to this week and getting back on my normal routine!

Day 18

The highlight of today were the hanging knee-ups. Before the workout even started I convinced myself that I could not do them. Needless to say, with a little prodding from someone and encouragement from Cassie, I got through them. Another win for me.. ignoring my own doubting mind.

1200 meter run
25 Toes-to-Bar
800 meter run
20 Toes-to-Bar
400 meter run
15 Toes-to-Bar
I finished in 23:33.
B: eggs and sausage
L: butternut squash soup, salad with Boars Head chicken
D: eggs and sausage
Dinner was supposed to be chuck roast in the crockpot. I got a beautiful roast at Earthfare and covered it in pepper and two different paprikas… then topped with a can of fire roasted tomatoes. This recipe turns out perfect every time…. when the power stays on.  I was so disappoint to walk in and see the crockpot off – I knew something was wrong because it is usually on warm. BOO.  I hated having to throw that away!

Day 17

I had a great day – work was productive and I am making progress in my new position… 7 months and I am finally working on my own figuring things out. I am used to being the expert in all things so this transition from my role in customer service to this IT position was a tough one. I am happy everyday I that I made the move, but I will be even happier when I can be an fully contributing again.

I got the new job about a month before I started Crossfit… I pretty much jumped out of my comfort zone all together this year. As with my job, I am finally feeling like I really making progress at the gym. My strengths gains are finally becoming noticeable to me. It was the kettlebell that really opened my eyes.  Earlier this year I was working out on my own and was doing some kettlebell exercises. I had a 15 pound KB and a 35 lb KB. I couldn’t even swing the KB AT ALL.  When I started the gym I used the 15 lb for several weeks before going to the 26 lb. Now I can do the 45 lb!  Very exciting.

3X8 Pause Front Squats; rest 2 minutes between sets  (I did 85 lbs and really focused on getting into a deep squat and keeping my elbows up)
*3 second pause in absolute bottom
3 rounds of -
4 minute AMRAP
8 Strict Handstand Push-ups (HSPU) (Kneeled on a high box and did them from that position)
12 Jumping Squats (45/35)
16 Burpees (half wimpy, and half pretty decent!)
Rest 1 minute after each 4 minute AMRAP
*Round are rolling
*Score is total rounds + reps
*You’ll perform the 4 minute AMRAP, rest 1 minute, begin another 4 minute AMRAP where you left off on the first AMRAP, repeat until all three 4 minute AMRAPs are complete.
*** I completed 4 full rounds plus 7 push-ups ****  DRIPPING SWEAT!
B: eggs
L: big salad
D: apple sausage and sweet potatoes
Not sure what today was all about. I just didn’t feel like messing with food.

Day 16

I am feeling every bit of that workout from yesterday. My abs haven’t been this sore it quite some time! Tonight’s workout was fun but I wish I did a couple of things different.

Olympic Lifting:
15 minutes – 5×1 Hang Clean + Split Jerk
*Heavy, but perfect, singles
** I did a couple at 85 but my form was not good so I dropped it down to 75 to work on “quick elbows” and keeping my knees out. I feel good about this and am going to keep working on the form**
12 minutes to complete-
15 Shoulder to Overhead (135/95)  I did 65 lbs – since I was able to do so many burpees I am wondering if I should have tried for 70 or 75.
10 C2B Pull-ups  Jumping pull-ups – I didn’t build my platform high enough and didn’t get as good of pulls as I usually do
50 Double-Unders 100 singles
x 3
With the remainder of the 12 minutes-
ME Lateral Burpees Over-the-Bar ** 20 of my “wimpy” burpees. I got 20 of them, but I should have focused more on my form and doing a strong burpee rather than just getting up and down off the floor. Things just fell apart when I went down for my first two and realized how sore my core what and how tired my arms were. I still should have focused more and did them better**
*Score is number of burpees completed.
B: eggs and ham
L: big salad
S: dates and almond butter
D: crockpot chicken, sweet potato
I was STARVING all day and did not have enough food with me. I added more olives and artichoke hearts than usual to my salad and those, with the ham for breakfast, left me retaining more water than I like! TOO MUCH SODIUM today. I tried drinking extra water but it didn’t help yet. I will probably be up all night!

Day 15

Tabatas are more fun with friends, but I got it done. I hated to miss the gym tonight, but work called. Sadly, despite it messing up my evening, I was not much help. I did what I could.

35lb KB swing – 76

air squats – 114

sit ups – 80

Not sure how this was scored, but I got a great 12 minute workout.


B: eggs

L: big salad

S: butternut squash soup, dates and almond butter

D: ham, green beans, potatoes

P.S. – I cannot wait for tomorrow. Even though I have to suffer through burpees, I get to do the hang clean and jerk… and jump rope!

Day 12, 13 14

I love weekends!  No structure, no schedules.  I love it when weekends feel like a vacation – that is exactly what this one was like. I had a great time Saturday with my parents hanging out, shopping, playing with the pups….. fun.

I used some deductions again this weekend for the Paleo challenge. I had the most amazing gluten free cake. It has been a long time since i have had cake and I decided it was worth it. It was rich and delicious. I can’t say that I felt great afterwards, but it tasted good.  Later that night we made cocktails – my new favorite… the Moscow Mule.

One thing I have notice about the weekends is that I do not get my water in… I am not even sure I drink water at all. I tried making up for it today after I saw the workout for Monday. I think I got about half of my water in… better than Saturday.


B: eggs, brisket, spinach

S: finished the macadamia nuts!

L: big salad

D: turkey, sweet potatoes, salad


B: eggs and veggies

L: hamburger no bun, fries (-2)

S: GF chocolate cake (-2)

D: roast chicken, butternut squash soup, salad with apples, pecans and cheddar (-2)

2 cocktails (-4)

no water (-2)


B: eggs and sweet potatoes

L; big salad

D: ham, sweet potatoes, salad with pears and pecans

not enough water (-2)


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